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Coaching Services


If you are a motivated client, I can assist you in these areas:

  • New ways of thinking about plot, characterization and dialogue
  • Moving into action
  • Holding you accountable to your own dreams
  • Clearing away the mental and physical clutter that has been keeping you from pursuing your dreams
  • Getting past writer’s block, barriers to creativity, that dip in the road writers call the “sagging middle”
  • Finding your voice
  • Asking the questions that can move both you and your characters forward

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Check out an actual Coaching Session.

What I cannot or will not do:

  • Sprinkle you with fairy dust (there are no secrets to good writing other than hard work, creativity, research, study, editing, persistence, re-writing, re-writing re-writing . . . .)
  • Make a publisher buy your manuscript
  • Edit your manuscript .

I make every effort to keep your work, your work. I do not read and rewrite your material.

I will, however, give you support in your own rewriting efforts. I believe that if someone hires me, they are already capable of doing their own work. It is my responsibility to support and encourage your efforts.

The outcome of coaching is based purely on the client’s efforts and abilities.

If I do not believe I am the coach you need or if more classes on the basic craft of writing would serve you better at this point in your writing life, - I will tell you so.


Check out an actual Coaching Session.


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