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10 signs it might be time to get a Writing Coach



  1. Your family chimes in [in unison] when you say "someday I'll write a book."
  2. You comment on the lovely office in the spare bedroom and you spouse reminds you that it's YOURS!
  3. Your Post-It™ notes are arranged in color wheel order and perfectly aligned with the edge of your desk.
  4. Your hero is so boring you can't stand to be in the same room together!
  5. You've cataloged and recataloged the books in your office 6 times (last month alone).
  6. The floor in your office is so clean, Monk would be comfortable eating off it.
  7. You spend all your writing time sharpening pencils.
  8. You're on the 23rd edit of the first forty pages of your manuscript.
  9. Your office furniture is dizzy from being rearranged so often.
  10. You finally start Chapter 3 only to find the teenaged lovers from Chapter 2 grew sick of waiting, got on with their lives, and retired in Miami.



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