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What is Coaching?


Life coaching is a vehicle for putting your life on the path toward your dreams. Not only do I coach writers, I coach anyone who is ready to get serious about finding their life’s purpose, discovering their passions and focusing on the future.

The coaching experience is collaborative, confidential and client-directed. It offers self-discovery, support, guidance, accountability that should lead to action and growth in the client.

Coaching is not consulting, nor is it therapy.The client is the expert on his or her life, not the coach. Coaching focuses on the present, not the past.

The difference between a therapist and a coach is the same as the difference between a physical therapist and a personal athletic trainer.

Therapy treats pathologies and aids a client in returning to normal functioning.

Coaching, however, helps the client reach beyond their normal world and strive effectively to achieve their highest goals, aspirations and dreams.


Coaching is a great way to discover what it is that’s keeping you from doing the things you love and reaching the goals you’ve always desired. Coaching is for anyone who wants more from life.

How many pencils do you have to sharpen and how many times do you have to re-design your office before you can actually start to write?

How much weight to you have to lose or how old do your children have to be in order for you to begin a fulfilling life?

Why are you postponing your dreams?

Quit entertaining dreams and begin taking the steps necessary to reach them.

Coaching . . .

  • Assumes that clients are healthy, whole and already have the answers for improving their lives within themselves
  • Defines what success means to the clients and identifies the obstacles standing in the way of achieving that success
  • Allows the client to design his or her own future and to take steps toward that future
  • Challenges the client to live up to his or her potential and to never accept less than the best for his or her life.
  • Encourages the client to reach for his or her dreams Holds the client accountable for taking steps toward a better life
  • Provides a supportive ally with objective listening skills who believes fully in the client
  • Insists on confidentiality, non-judgment and 100% effort on the part of both the client and the coach

How would coaching mesh with my creative process?


10 signs it might be time to get a writing coach...


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