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Coaching & Your Creative Process


Loving the written word, personal self-expression, having a message or story to tell and being the right person to tell it.

These are the things that fuel the writer. It is painting a picture with words instead of a palette and brushes - a picture only you can paint.

Using the same coaching models and techniques I use when coaching my life coaching clients, I can help writers breathe new life into all aspects of their work.

Unlikable hero or heroine? Are they at an impasse in their relationship?

No problem. Relationship coaching will get to the heart of the dilemma and reveal the best way to move them forward. Coaching with a “What If, Now What?” method of brainstorming can assist you in turning up the energy on your book’s plots and conflicts.


What I Do That Will Help You Get Started, Stay on Task and Reach Your Writing Goals

Getting Started

  • Help you discover and define the strengths, knowledge and talent that only you have, the place from which you can speak your heart
  • Discover where you are and where you need to go with your writing
  • Discover what message one you are most uniquely created to give
  • Who do you have to be to say it?
  • Get the book out of your head and onto paper
  • Challenge and defeat those old, negative, non-productive tapes in your head that tell you that you can’t write or that you don’t have time.
  • Banish this regret, “If only I had ______ (tried to write that book.)”
  • Find ways to bring more balance into your life, reduce stress and open up spaces in which you can pursue those things such as writing, the things for which you never seem to have time
  • To explore your purpose for life and discover if your book is part of that purpose
  • How to design and adhere to a writing schedule
  • Be a partner who has no agenda but yours in mind and who finds her own success when you succeed

Staying on Task

  • Partner with you through scheduled, regular phone conversations and e-mail contacts
  • Coach you through the stuck spots to increase your productivity
  • Determine your purpose in writing the book
  • Offer the skills of a certified life coach to the coach your characters to life!
  • Address writer’s block—how you got it, what you do with it, how to get rid of it
  • Explore barriers, mindsets and perspectives that deep-six creativity
  • How to “trick” yourself into sitting down at the computer and how to “treat” yourself like a professional writer
  • Promote good self care as a part of the creative process
  • Keep track of your progress when you forget how far you’ve come
  • Hold you accountable for your own dreams and the steps you’ll take toward meeting them
  • Be a sounding board for your thoughts and ideas
  • Be the carrot that keeps the donkey moving ahead

Reaching Your Writing Goals

  • Explore and set goals for your writing and your book-goal clarification
  • Provide a safe, non-judgmental, confidential place for you to explore the ideas you are considering
  • Provide tools and structures that will help you stay on task and headed in the direction of your goals
  • Walk through the steps of a proposal to submit to a publishing house
  • Cheerlead, mentor, encourage (After all the books I’ve written I’ve seen or heard just about everything)
  • Invite you to take new perspectives on your work and to think “outside the box” for new ideas
  • Explore all facets of the writing life
  • Find ways to step toward rather than away from what you want most out of life
  • Encourage, support and keep you focused on the goals you’ve set for yourself
  • Ask the tough questions--if you are not writing in accordance with the goals you’ve set, discover why and what to do about it
  • Give honest feedback.
  • help turn setbacks into great learning and opportunities

And Always

...Celebrate your successes with you!


10 signs it might be time to get a writing coach...

The surest way not to write a book is

to never begin.

The surest way never to have a book published is

to never submit it to a publisher.


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