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Readiness Assessment


Are you ready to work with a coach?

Answer with a number 1-5, 1 being the least true and 5 being the most true:

a) I am able to be on time for all calls or appointments

b) I am 100% willing to do the work to achieve what I want

c) I am able to keep my word and make no excuses for my behavior but take full responsibility for what I do

d) I am able to be open to new concepts and trying out new ideas in my life

e) I am willing and able to be completely honest with my coach and trust the person I choose to coach me

f) I am able to ask for what I need and will do so immediately if I am not getting what I expect from the coaching relationship

g) I am willing and able to eliminate behaviors that might stand in the way of my successes

h) I view coaches as coaches, not as therapists or counselors

i) I see coaching as a worthwhile venture for my life

j) I am able to see that coaching is a collaborative effort in which I discover my own answers and design the life I want to live



41-50 Ready to fly!

31-40 Coachable

21-30 Possible to coach only if all agreements are met

20 and lower Not ready for coaching


10 signs it might be time to get a writing coach...


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